Here’s James Franco reading his official Inauguration Day ‘poem’

James Franco continued what appears to be his long quest to become our generation’s Gary Busey when he recorded this creepy video of himself reading his official “poem” for Inauguration 2013 commissioned by Yahoo! news.

Yes Yahoo! news, being the hyper-relevant media outlet it is, thought it should honor the Inauguration with an equally relevant medium: poetry. And yes, James Franco obliged, because once you’ve appeared on a soap opera as performance art an inauguration day poem is child’s play.

Most of the poem is not about Obama but Asheville, North Carolina, where Franco is studying writing and this old hotel that Obama once stayed in, and also about the time Franco met Obama with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Obama’s advice to him on giving a graduation speech was to use humor, advice Franco duly ignored when it came to writing this poem.

He then reflects that if he were to play Obama in a movie he’d “let the writer put in all the political crap,” and just focus on portraying “his essential kindness … the goodness at its core.”

Probably a highly unlikely casting choice, but at least he gets a compliment in there. Watch below.

[Image via Atlantic Wire]