The worst Inauguration ever

William Henry Harrison was America’s 9th President… and died due to his inauguration.

Ever the stubborn bastard, he decided to speak for two and a half hours in the rain. His rambling speech talked about ancient Rome and the then-relevant Whig party. He died 32 days later of complications from pneumonia. He’s since held the title of America’s shortest presidency: 30 days, 12 hours, and 30 minutes.

He was the first sitting president to have his photograph taken, coincidentally on his inauguration day which made him so sick in the first place. You can see the picture here.

He had been somewhat of a military hero during his life and many towns and counties were named after him in the developing United States:

  • Harrison, New Jersey
  • Harrison, Ohio
  • Harrison, Tennessee
  • Harrison County, Indiana
  • Harrison County, Mississippi
  • Harrison County, Iowa
  • Harrison County, Ohio.