‘Bored To Death’ movie apparently in development

According to The Hollywood Reporter the little-watched but massively-loved Brooklyn comedy-noir “Bored To Death” is set to become a movie. The show enjoyed over a million viewers every Sunday upon its debut in 2009 yet ratings were down to a quarter of their peak by the time the show was pulled from the HBO lineup in 2011. The show starred Jason Schwartzmann as a struggling writer living in Brooklyn (hey that’s me!) and Zack Galifinakis as a beer-loving romantic (hey that’s me!) who made his living as a cartoonist (hey that’s at least three people I know in Brooklyn!).

Ted Danson, who played the stoner / editor of a magazine (hey that’s me!) had alluded to the possibility of a movie during the GQ Gentleman’s Ball late last year. From THR:

Word first broke about the potential project in June; Danson mentioned it at the GQ Gentleman’s Ball in October, adding that the script — at least then — saw Jonathan become a police officer, and Ray and George become roommates. Earlier in January, Schwartzman, who is close friends with Ames, told THR that Ames was working on the script, and that he’d love to make the film. Asked about his character’s signature trench coat, he joked, “I hope it still fits.” The pair are also working on another writing project together.