Mark Malkoff takes the ’30 Rock’ High Five Challenge, passes with flying colors

You may know comedian Mark Malkoff from various videos where he points out variously how awesome and terrible New York City is: he beat a crosstown bus on a Big Wheels (terrible), convinced 155 different New Yorkers to carry him 9.4 miles around Manhattan to show how friendly New Yorkers are (awesome) and ate at all 171 Manhattan Starbucks locations in a single day (both).

His new video is of the awesome persuasion—he and Kerri Doherty celebrated the end of “30 Rock” by going to Silvercup Studios in Queens and trying to collect high fives from the cast and crew. Word spread from crew to cast of the two “30 Rock” superfans collecting high-fives outside. Malkoff and Doherty waited out in the cold like Captain Ahab after their big fish, Tina Fey, and damn if they didn’t catch her. Full success—challenge complete. Watch below.

The “30 Rock” season finale airs January 31.