Foals release a psychedelic video for ‘My Number’

We have been all about Foals in the last couple weeks. With anticipation running high for their upcoming third album the group has been releasing music videos and remixes to get people excited. (We interviewed keyboardist Edwin Congreave about what we can expect from the group.)

The video for their first single “Inhaler” had a rebellious vibe to it. We debuted their second single “My Number” recently and today we get the chance to check out the video for the song. “My Number” is classic Foals in that it carries a unique guitar riff that the band is famous for. The video for the song is a collection of live footage from different angles. We see the band from backstage, the crowd, the bathroom, outside the venue and through an acid-induced filter.

Check out the video below and pick up their album “Holy Fire” on February 12th.