French government to #hashtags: ‘Non’

The French government apparently don’t like the word “hashtag.”

The Commission Générale de Terminologie et de Néologisme (that’s a long fuckin’ name for a place that’s supposed to regulate words, isn’t it?) has voted that French peoples should instead use the word “Mot-dièse” – which translates literally to “sharp-word”, using ‘”sharp” in the musical sense.

However, the sharp symbol (♯) isn’t the same as the hashtag symbol (#), which leans to the right instead of the sharp’s left. And now you know! There is also the fact that most people already say “hashtag” (albiet with an adorable accent, because they’re french, and oh my god that shit is adorable… “ash-taig”) and aren’t likely going to change over to “Mot-dièse” any time soon. Why? Because people are paresseux, man.