What we learned from the Sigur Ros Reddit AMA

Sigur Ros did a generously long Reddit AMA today, and fielded questions ranging from technical questions about writing and recording to marriage proposals. We learned a few things along the way. Here are some of them:

Sigur Ros is funny

The band was asked…
Jonsi et al, Will you marry me?
And answered…
Photo please
A Redditor noted…
Sigur ros just said tits or gtfo. heh

Sigur Ros smokes

The band was asked about how they recorded a particular song…
We recorded that song individually. so everybody had to play their piano part in the studio while the other ones waited outside in the car and smoking cigarettes and couldn’t hear what the other ones where doing.
It turned out out to be the wrong song, which found the band being funny again: “oh shit, yess you are right … sorry about that… hahaha…”

Sigur Ros drinks

The band was asked…
How do you deal with the boredom of touring?
And answered…
Get drunk 🙂

One of Sigur Ros’ all-time favorite shows was in Berekely in 2008

A fan described it this way…

[It] was 2008 in Berkeley at the Greek. Rain had been predicted for the evening, but none started until the encore. As the song started mist began to form and it all led to the climax of the song. The heavens opened up and it POURED, the crowd lost it.

Sigur Ros likes other Icelandic bands

They recommend that you check out Sin Fang.

Sigur Ros is basically a jam band

Here’s how they described their writing process:
It happens quite naturally and effortlessly … we just jam in the rehearsal space and come up with something we all like … we do everything by ear and don’t even know what these black and white keyes on the piano are called? and we never put anything down on paper … just keep it in our small brains before it shrinks any further.

Jonsi used to be a vegan (just like the rest of us)

i used to be raw food vegan but stopped it when i started touring. i found it to be so antisocial in my hotel room with my blender making a green soup when everybody else was out eating somewhere… but im mos def gonna go back on raw food diet someday… makes you lighter and more creative…

Sigur Ros don’t give a shit about reviews

The band was asked…
Do you care about music reviews, like ones from Pitchfork or Spin?
And answered…
Not really… but they are fun to read sometimes.

Kjartan Sveinsson has left the band for good.

Kjartan has left yes but all on a good note. He wanted to leave for some time. We have added some extra hands but thats also because we use a lot of instruments on the albums and we can´t play them all at the same time live. We want the live experience to be as good as possible.

Sigur Ros also released a teaser for some brand new music today. Check it out below.

#sr7 2013 from Sigur Rós on Vimeo.