Something happened in Tennis

Today, something happened in tennis.

What happened – though – is really fucking confusing if you don’t know anything about tennis. Seriously. I just had to look up terminology.

Something happened in Tennis
Look at this Dragonball Z shit going on here.

Andy Murray, who is a guy who plays tennis I guess, beat Roger Federer – that guy in those razor commercials – in five sets, which is the tennis equivalent of a slam dunk or something. Apparently that guy from the shaving commercials is really, really good but Andy Murray beat him five little games in a row. Those little games are made of even littler games. This shit is so confusing that I had to look it up here. Murray, who looks like every math teacher ever except really buff, won enough of the super-little games to win the big games and that means he won the ACTUAL game. That’s where “game, set, and match” comes from. Touchdown!

Anyway, Roger Federer is supposed to be the Jesus of tennis and the buff math teacher guy just beat him so that’s a big deal I guess.

There’s also this game called Real Tennis which looks like some shit straight out of the gulag.