Chris Brown assaults Frank Ocean

Chris Brown – who once punched his girlfriend Rihanna to near death, leaving her battered and bruised by the side of the road – has attacked gay R&B singer Frank Ocean.

Brown – who once threw a chair through a window and tore his shirt off when questioned by feel-good morning news program Good Morning America about his vicious attack on Rihanna’s face – reportedly fought Ocean over a parking spot.

Brown – whose last album sold 1/10th of his 2005 debut – then went on his ‘fuck yo pictures’ Instagram with a cryptic message about the incident.

Brown – whose fans excuse his abusive and violent behavior en masse – has further denied any wrongdoings and has insisted that gay R&B singer Frank Ocean was the one at fault. Brown has previously battled sweater-wearing Canadian R&B singer Drake.

Ocean – an extremely talented vocalist with two critically acclaimed albums – tweeted this:

If Brown can’t get a hit on the charts he’ll just hit other people, apparently.