New Yorkers were too cold to kill each other for nine whole days

Although 11-degree Fahrenheit temperatures made living in New York City borderline unbearable last week, there was a hidden upside to the cold: it apparently made the city unbearable to murder in, as well.

According to New York Times, the city enjoyed a pleasant “murder-free period” last week. As of Friday, 6:20 a.m., no cold dead had shown up in New York in more than nine days—the longest period in recent history, followed closely by an eight-day no-killing episode directly following Hurricane Sandy.

In August 2010, despite the summer heat, seven days passed without a murder. In 2009, there was a six-day reprieve in February and March. In other years, New York considered itself lucky to go five days without a homicide.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly told NYT, “We’re rooting for more cold weather. “Any respite in [murder] is obviously a welcomed thing.”

Ellen G. Cohn, a professor of criminal justice at Florida International University suggested people are too cold to go outside, let alone go outside and kill each other. She explained: “victims and offenders are less likely to come into contact with each other.”

Apparently the dry spell ended at 6:20 a.m Friday morning, when a 40 year-old woman was found dead and naked from the waist down in Brooklyn Heights.