Two men arrested for stealing $65,000 worth of chicken wings

The Super Bowl is coming up this Sunday, and for weeks we’ve been reading about a crisis-level chicken wing shortage. A drought in the midwest affected the corn crop, resulting in a deficit of about 12 million wings compared to last year’s Super Bowl supply and driving wholesale prices on chicken wings through the roof.

Tis the season for taking matters into your own hands, apparently—we just reported on a Florida man who was arrested for shoplifting $4.14 in chicken wings in his pants, and now we get this story out of Georgia: Two men were arrested for stealing $65,000 worth of chicken wings.

No, that’s not a typo—sixty five thousand dollars in wings. Given that wings routinely go for 50 cents a pop at happy hour, this is a lot of wings.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports the theft was an inside job by Dewayne Patterson, 35, and Renaldo Jackson, 26, who both worked at Nordic Cold Storage in Doraville, GA. The two rented a truck from Enterprise, showed up at their place of work off hours, and stole 10 pallets of Tyson frozen chicken wings. “Managers at the business told police that Jackson used a forklift to load the wings while Patterson served as lookout,” reports AJC.

Police have arrested Patterson and Jackson for felony theft, but there’s no word on the whereabouts of the wings.

I know chicken wings are a hot item (get it? hot? chicken wings? wakka wakka!) this year, but seriously—finding a black-market buyer for $65,000 in stolen chicken wings can not be an easy task. Patterson and Jackson sound like enterprising individuals—provided they don’t get locked away for the wings they could have a bright future in front of them.