Father of Sandy Hook victim speaks out against gun control

The parents of Sandy Hook victims testified at a hearing in Hartford, Connecticut on state gun laws. Some parents made an emotional plea for for tighter gun regulations and a ban on assault weapons, but Mark Mattioli, whose son James was killed in the shooting, took a stand against more gun laws.

“I think there’s much more promise for a solution in identifying, researching and creating solutions along the lines of mental health,” he said, continuing, “I don’t care if you named it ‘James’ law,’ I don’t want (another law).'”

“How do we expect to have any impact on society and say, ‘Hey, let’s pass a law that will change the course of the future,’ when we don’t enforce the laws we have the books—the most importnat laws,” Mr. Matioli says in the video below.

Other parents like Neil Heslin, whose son Jesse was killed in the massacre, made an emotional plea for tighter gun laws. He asked why anyone really needs an AR-15 or other automatic weapons and said, “We’re not living in the Wild West. We’re not a Third World nation. We have the strongest military in the world. We don’t need to defend our homes with weapons like that.”

Watch video of the highly polarized testimony below, via CNN.