10 year-old British girl might be the next Jimmy Page

Because England culturally places a high value on guitar shredding, they have national standards for rock n’ roll achievement through an institution called Rockschool. It has an official syllabus, which diligent kids are supposed to progress through at a rate of one “grade” per year as they bud into young rock stars.

But 10 year-old Ayla Gezmis, who looks and sounds like a young Jimmy Page, blasted through the entire syllabus in just two years after picking up the guitar at home out of boredom.

Telegraph writes, “She now looks set for a rock ‘n’ roll future after becoming one of the youngest people in Britain to ever achieve a grade eight in the electric guitar.”

Her heroes? AC/DC, naturally. “I want to start a band and one day be as big as AC/DC,” she said. Watch her jam with her teacher below. Pretty impressive for a 10 year-old.