Vladimir Putin hires Boyz II Men for national Russian fertility campaign

Ah, Putin. He’s famous for having endless nationally syndicated and perfectly orchestrated PR behind him, so much so that he invites a camera crew to tape him riding around on a horse with his shirt off and once staged finding deep sea treasure. This time, though, he has done something straight out of the 8th-grade-school-dance playbook: hired Boyz II Men.

Not only that, but he hired them for a “national fertility campaign” in an effort to bump up the national average from 1.7 children per family to 3 children. This isn’t the first time Putin has tried to make the country make some sweet, sweet love: he’s given out cash rewards to new parents as well as new refrigerators and cars to some parents as a thank-you for securing Russia’s future by way of babies.

From Vanity Fair:

The Moscow Times adds that the group will support Putin’s crusade just before Valentine’s Day by performing a February 6th concert of romantic ballads in the capital city. Lest you think this means that Boyz II Men is any more relevant in Russia than it is in the U.S. today, The Moscow Times is quick to suggest otherwise, asking the group in an interview: “Your popularity was tremendous in the 1990s. What are your recollections of Russia at the time?” While Boyz II Men failed to recall any specific memories of 90s Russia, they did say that their “Russian fans always bring their A-game. They always look sharp and definitely know how to keep warm!”

Source: Vanity Fair