Muffin macer victim: ‘I wouldn’t advise doing what I did’

Duluth’s Sam Rosenwinkel happened upon YouTube fame last week after a video went viral of him getting maced for cutting in line at a convenience store. That virtual jury known as the Internet has taken both sides on the controversy, chastising Rosenwinkel for his line etiquette and alternately blaming his assailant—i.e. the proud owner of a dozen store-bought muffins and a can of mace. If I’ve lost you, now’s a good time to watch the four-minute clip at the link above. (Yes, it’s worth watching.)

Now, after being known as “that guy,” Rosenwinkel spoke to a local publication to try and humanize himself to the Internet masses. His reason for cutting the line was because he had a friend waiting outside in an idling cab. “I’m usually really good with people like that in public,” he told Minneapolis City Pages. “If I were to ever come across that situation again … I’d do what any decent person would and say, ‘I’m in a hurry, is it alright if I grab what I need here quick?’ I’m sure she would’ve been the nicest lady ever, in hindsight. I wouldn’t advise doing what I did just to save a couple seconds.”

The woman in the video has still gone unidentified.

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