Celebrate H.R. Giger’s birthday with xenomorph dubstep

Birthday boy H.R. Giger might be an accomplished painter and sculptor, but ask the Internet what the Swiss mister’s lifetime achievement is and geeks will come out of the walls, out of the goddamn walls, with the answer: Giger, who turned 73 on Tuesday, is the conceptual artist who hatched the designs for the xenomorphs and facehuggers from the iconic ‘Alien’ franchise — please, Mooooom, I’m blogging! — and so, anyways, dubstep-obsessed YouTuber EggyJohnsPirateRadio honors the artist with a mash-up of scenes from James Cameron’s creepy crawly sequel and Rekoil & Barron’s track “Doomsday”.

Happy birthday, H.R. Whatever that stands for.