Donald trump is suing Bill Maher for $5 million for having better hair

Actually he’s suing for a far more noble cause: charity.

Bill Maher recently incurred the wrath of The Donald, challenging Trump to release his birth certificate and prove that he is not actually the “spawn of his mother having sex with an orangutan.”

And now that Trump has provided the certificate and proven that he is technically a human (if not more of a robot that feeds on publicity in practice) he wants Maher to pay up on the bet. To the point that he actually filed a lawsuit in California for the $5 million.

Of course Trump being Trump, he is suing for charity. Litigation for the sake of charity has become a Donald signature of late. He recently tweeted that even though he’s not likely to win he “had an obligation to sue for charity.” Spoken like a true philanthropist. Donald is pretty sure he’s going to lose his lawsuit—but even a failed lawsuit is a win when it keeps your name in the news, right?

For another example of this principle, see Donald’s recent threat to sue Mac Miller for using his name in a song.

Anyway, here’s hoping Maher comes up with great comeback and that the walking tanning salon retires into wherever he came from.