Listen to two brand new Justin Timberlake songs

Justin Timberlake premiered some new songs at a Super Bowl afterparty over the weekend, and videos have surfaced of both of them. And boy, they’re actually really something special.

If someone had told me thirteen years ago that the Chia-pet coiffed one from ‘N Sync was going to have a viable solo career, I would have laughed. If you had then told me that I would actually like it, I would have laughed even harder. And then eaten a sandwich. I ate a lot back then.

But really – “Little Pusher Love Girl” is downright slinky, cool, blue-eyed R&B. The absolute worst thing I could say about it is that it sounds too much like Prince, and even that is like saying “this sandwich is too tasty.” EVERYTHING sounds better when it sounds like Prince. JT seems to harken back to “Sign O’ The Times” era Prince and that alone is worth a listen.

Little Pusher Love Girl

“That Girl” – the second new song unveiled in New Orleans – definitely sounds like a Timbaland-by-way-of-Quincy-Jones beat. It’s (in my humble opinion) not as catchy as “Little Pusher Love Girl” but come summer there’s no doubt you’ll be hearing this blaring from every open Volkswagen Jetta window driven by every attractive Starbucks barista both to and from work. It’s a solid jam.

That Girl

As a bonus, here’s Jay-Z and JT doing “Suit and Tie”. Enjoy!