12 year-old charged for punking Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher got punk’d by a 12 year-old.

Or, more accurately, he got swatted. The main difference between punking someone and swatting them, apparently, is that in swatting you never pop out of the bushes and say “just kidding!” A SWAT team showed up at Kutcher’s address, responding to an anonymous 911 call reporting a break-in and alleged bomb threat. When SWAT arrived on the scene, they learned that it was just a prank after initially holding some of Kutcher’s household staff at gunpoint. Swatting is kind of like the old prank where you order 15 pizzas for delivery to some stranger’s address, except turned up to 11.

A week after the Kutcher incident, police believe the same kid “swatted” a Wells Fargo branch in an incident that had heavily armed cops infiltrating the bank, all for naught.

Yesterday police charged a 12 year-old boy in connection with the Kutcher prank, which occurred last October, on two felony counts of making false bomb threats and computer intrusion. He made the call using a TTY device, which are usually used for the hearing impaired to use the phone with a typing interface, thus making the caller harder to identify.

But not impossible, apparently. The youngster will be arraigned on Friday in Eastlake Juvenile Court.

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