‘The Office’ finally ends on May 16th

The long-running fake-documentary workplace comedy “The Office” will finally end on May 16th.

After 9 seasons and 200 episodes the highly popular show has amassed a staggering number of fans, yet the show has struggled creatively since Steve Carrell left the show a couple of years back and ratings have slowed. In contrast, the British version of “The Office” that the American show was based on decided to end after just two seasons, going out during the peak of its viewership as opposed to the long, drawn-out when-are-they-going-to-end-this of the latter seasons of the American “Office.”

The last few seasons haven’t been without their charms, however. After Carrell’s departure the show enjoyed some celebrity cameos such as the likes of Jim Carrey and James Spader, and cast regulars such as Mindy Kaling and John Krasinski became celebrities in their own right. The fake-documentary format that “The Office” helped pioneer lives on in the highly popular “Parks and Recreation” and no doubt will be enjoyed for years to come.

While the American “Office” might not have been my cup of tea, exactly, the show had an incredible amount of heart and brought joy to millions for close to a decade – an true feat and accomplishment no matter which was you slice it. Say what you will about the decline in viewership in the later seasons: for nearly 10 years “The Office” ruled the airwaves, and kept many people talking about the fate of their favorite characters. People truly loved it. To many, it will be not unlike losing real-life friends and coworkers after 9 years.