10 animals getting around in wheelchairs

1. Lilly the Lionhead bunny

Lilly, who looks like a Scottish Terrier but is actually a rabbit, was born with a broken back which left her crippled until the North Texas Rabbit Sanctuary hooked her up with this set of wheels. Yay for her!

2. Chris P. Bacon the piglet
Chris was born without the use of his hind legs, but vet Dr. Len Lucero built him a wheelchair out of K’NEX pieces. Nice one!
(Laughing Squid)

3. Princess puppy
We don’t know this puppy’s name or story, but she sure looks like a princess in that outfit and the little throne with wheels.
(Animal Central)

4. Harry the miniature horse
Harry’s handicapped legs, caused by “greedy dwarf breeders” according to the forum we found him on, got a second chance when Doggone Wheels made him this wheelchair.

5. Racing turtle
This little guy gets around with the help of an axel and a set of racing wheels stuck to the bottom of his shell. All the better to race hares with, we bet.

6. Rosie the deer
When Rosie was just six months old, a dog mistook her hind legs for a chew toy and really messed them up. Thankfully, Rosie now has a physical therapist, an acupuncturist and a wheelchair designed for dogs to help her get better. More than we can say!
(Doggie Wheelchair)

7. Sebastian the duck
A rags-to-something-slightly-better-than-rags story, Sebastian was born handicapped then thrown out with the garbage, then saved by the kind soul who made this wheelchair out of who-knows-what.
(Handicapped Pets)

8. Little Kitten
This little guy was born with severe cerebellar hypoplasia, but his mom made him wheels with pipes and an ace bandage. Genius.

9. Atlas the goat
A victim of a neglectful hoarder, Atlas lost use of his front legs, but got some help for his final days from the nice people at the Catskill Animal Sanctuary.
(These Fries Are Good)

10. Holli the alpaca
Holli was born with a screwy spine, but thanks to her custom-built wheelchair, she now travels around to retirement homes, spreading cheer to the elderly.
(LSS Living)