‘A defense of Comic Sans’: a ten-minute video on your least-favorite font

Ever wonder how Comic Sans, the most hated font in the world, came to be?

According to this video, in 1994 Melinda Gates requested a font for the cartoon dog in Microsoft Bob, and font designer Vincent Connare came up with the soft, easy font by imitating the writing in comic books.

The programmers passed on Connare’s creation, but Microsoft decided to offer Comic Sans as an option in other programs, and enough people liked the relaxed look for it to catch on.

Eventually, so many people were using Comic Sans in so many places—even inappropriate places like placards and gravestones—that like all popular, overused things it started amassing haters.

“Comic Sans doesn’t disappoint people. People disappoint people,” says VSauce, a man who sounds like he’s speaking in Comic Sans, and who created this ten-minute defense of the typeface.