Introducing D-Rex, foul-mouthed musical prodigy [NSFW]

From straight out of South Central Pennsylvania, the adolescent Dalton Eckman, a.k.a. “D-Rex”, and his unnamed crew member drop their debut track “Fuck You Fuck It” on YouTube and SoundCloud. “Sup? Were D-Rex! Were new to the music bizz,” reads their bio description. “So take it easy, its our first song, hope you guys like it!” The quote ends with an open-mouthed smiley face emoticon.

The GarageBand freestyle is a meditation on their rough and tumbled lives in the town of Lancaster, population 60,000 and home to President James Buchanan’s Wheatland estate. But, before dismissing these upcoming artists with a collective ermahgerd, it’s worth noting that they are a crude but somewhat refreshing antithesis to squeaky clean Internet pop. Or maybe you’re satisfied with Ark Music Factory? Either way I’m just glad I didn’t have a YouTube channel growing up. There’s something too close to home about these NSFW whitebreads:


Yo it’s dalton common out here tonight/to rape your mom/put up a fight
Your mom’s so crazy and I’m so lazy/I’m gonna fuck that bitch so hard in the aney/you’re hot bitch suck it yo

Fuck you fuck it/you know how it’s done/don’t fuck with me or I’ll pull out a gun

[gun shot]

That’s what I sound like when I shoot your ass/you drop to the ground so fuckin’ fast/if you wanna live don’t fuck with me/just go cry to your momma and let me be

Fuck you fuck it

You can talk to us/You can suck my penis/Grab a bag of weed we will go to Venus/We’re so high we’re so fly look at him he’s gonna die from getting snacky and eating pie

Hey look I got a Mountain Dew/Hey look at you, I wanna mount and do you/I need to get shit off my mind/so I’m lighten cigs thinking about making it big/people always said I was a faggot in school but they were the fools/didn’t think I’d turn out this cool/but I’m proving em wrong while I’m sittin here hitting this bong

Fuck you fuck it fuck you fuck it fuck you fuck it

Bitches be mad cuz we cooler than them/we got the bitches we got the money/you think you’re funny but we got the honey

Fuck you fuck it

You can download “Fuck You Fuck It” for free here.

[daltonsk8ter/ via Slog]