Matt Damon asks you to join his toilet protest

“Jimmy Kimmel Live” host and co-founder Matt Damon stars in a pretty effective ad to raise awareness about World Toilet Day and the global water crisis. Rimshot potty references aside, Damon combines playful with pedantic during a mock press conference where he pleads with reporters to cover the “catastrophic worldwide lack of clean water and sanitation.” Yes, he’s referring to the Third World Skeptic meme and the billions of others on the planet who are without clean water and toilets. “For $25,” Damon asks for your pledge, “you can give somebody clean water for life.”

The press seem to play the idiot role here, pestering the A-list actor about his personal crapping habits and hair products. But what better way for smarmy Hollywood activism to mask itself than mock members of the media elite? An even better move: Casting ubiquitous actor Stephen Root (a.k.a. Swingline Stapler Milton) as one of the media scrum who questions Damon about pee and poo.

Donate and support Damon’s cause at StrikeWithMe.Org.