Cops sic K9 on donut truck thief after high speed chase

James Freddy Major of Lawrenceville, Georgia, took a beating last week.

On Thursday night, the 45 year-old swiped a Krispy Kreme truck while its unsuspecting driver was making a delivery to a Quick Shop Exxon. As you might imagine, the cops arrived on the scene pretty quickly. “The male had approached [the donut driver] before he entered the store to start his delivery,” according to one officer. “The vehicle then sped up on the interstate and failed to yield to our visual and audibles signals to pull over.” Gwinnett County police hauled their curly tails after the stolen truck for 15 miles before apprehending the suspect — at times, the chase cranked up to 70 miles per hour while running multiple red lights.

Records indicate Major “was apprehended by K9 dog bite and officers on scene placed the suspect under arrest,” after being caught on foot and also under the influence. His mugshot isn’t flattering.


Despite the drunken donut driver’s allegedly intoxicated state, Quick Shop owner Peter Thakkar cannot comprehend his motive. “Nobody would like the donut that much he would steal the whole truck,” Thakkar told local ABC affiliate WSBTV. But has Thakkar had a Krispy Kreme lately? Craze for the glutton chain is hardly dying. Just a few days ago, thousands of Darwin Award nominees in North Carolina voluntarily inhaled a dozen donuts halfway through a five-mile jog.

Quick Shop employee Susan Patterson clarified the reason that her boss’s jaw dropped. “Could you imagine going down the interstate and seeing the Krispy Kreme donut truck with the cops chasing behind it? Flashing lights? What would you think?”

I would think seeing is believing, and, fortunately, Thakkar provided WSBTV with surveillance footage.

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