Mondays really are the worst, scientists say

It’s Monday.

You’d think that the much-maligned day of the week would have a slightly better publicity team behind it. After all, the name “Monday” derives from an old English word that basically means “moon day” – but you don’t care about that because you’re on your third cup of coffee, silently hating the world because you’re at the start of a very long work week.

The reason Mondays are actually the worst days, according to scientists, is quite simple.

On Saturdays and Sundays, your body gets used to sleeping in the extra couple of hours. Mondays are quite literally a jolt back to the system. It’s like being on a diet for five days and then having two days of meals entirely from Chipotle.

Mondays aren’t necessarily the least favorite – believe it or not, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays followed extremely closely in the most-hated-day poll conducted by the Journal of Positive Psychology last year in the UK, polling 340,000 people.

So. Hate Mondays? So does everyone. It’s science.