Thom Yorke gives maybe the most cryptic Reddit AMA ever for Atoms For Peace

Thom Yorke and longtime Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich took a break from the studio to answer some questions on a Reddit AMA today. Their side project Atoms For Peace releases its debut “Amok” next week, which you can stream below.

As you can imagine, Nigel Godrich gave some straightforward answers and even some easy-to-understand life advice, while Thom Yorke stuck mostly to the cryptic half-answers and riddle formulations like some kind of rock Gollum. He did open up in places, in his own Yorke-ian way.

Stream “Amok” below while reading the highlights here:

Q: What is your songwriting process?
A: this here is a hedge. im going to drag myself backwards through it.

Q: Thom, why did you steal the H from Jonny’s name?
A: yes but he hasn’t spotted it’s gone yet.

Q: Hello Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich! How is it working with the Atoms For Peace group compared to Radiohead?
A: Like eating ice cream after a lovely dinner. N [That one was Nigel]

Q: Thom, do you plan to explore the low end of your range more in the future? I love how you sound on Wolf at the Door.
A: Yes i would love to. I know its there, ive heard it. its not naturally where i end up. So it’s a good place to head, deep into the woods. The back of the cupboard.. ya nah? -thm

Q: When you’re tinkering with a song idea, how do you make the determination that “this one’s for Radiohead” vs. “this is an Atoms for Peace song”?
A: its a grey area. getting greyer. obviously depends on who is being sampled. are you being in sampled? -tmh

Q: I love Amok. any plans to collaborate more with Burial?
A: I very much hope so. Both me Kieran and Burial are all as busy/ vague as each other.. Well ok Kierans more together maybe 🙂 But we talks about it. in fact as usual i gotta write some words -thm

Q: Thom, how did you become comfortable sharing your voice with others? Were your formative years a struggle to find your voice as a writer/musician or was it more of a painless evolution?
A: my formative years involved finding no-one else to sing the songs. so doing it myself. and singing into a bucket, but thats another story. stanley donwood has a kind of vibrator on his shoulder right now -thm

Q: How much of your soul do you put into your lyrics…or…how ‘seriously’ do you wish people to take your lyrics? Some of Radiohead’s lyrics seem a mixture between stream of consciousness and the genuinely confessional.
A: confessional?!! mm i don;t think so at all. do you think M Stipe’s lyrics are confessional? what is within is also stream of consciousness is also gibberish and also just sounds. by the time the words have stuck, they have just stuck. the glue is set and i can’t undo. before that is a messy bit.
does that help? ofcourse not.

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