Suspect pleads ‘not guilty’ to assaulting his brother for farting

Hector Alanzo Estrada of Mower County, Minnesota, pleaded not guilty in a district court earlier this month to allegations of kicking his brother in the head for farting. Police tracked Estrada’s footprints in the snow, according to records, after the alleged fart n’ kick incident and arrested the 33 year-old at a nearby McDonald’s.

This isn’t the first criminal offense against Estrada, who was sentenced to 180 days in jail in June, 2012 for domestic assault, which means this incident could put him behind bars for five years. Estrada intends on keeping his ass out of prison. “He argues his brother simply fell and hit his head without the aid of his foot,” writes Minneapolis City Pages’ crack reporter Aaron Rupar. “Which could be a plausible defense if we could somehow know just how awful his brother’s gas was at the time.”

We’ll keep you posted as more news breaks (sorry) on the story.

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