The Who’s Roger Daltrey doesn’t want you smoking weed at his concert

Only five stateside dates remain on The Who’s Quadrophenia and More Tour, so if you’re planning to see them perform their 1973 opera, pro-tip: Don’t smoke marijuana, as two fans recently discovered in the Bay Area.

During The Who’s performance at The Oracle earlier this month, Oakland police officers found one medical marijuana card-carrying couple burning one in section 108. The cops got hostile and gave them the boot “literally within a second of when the first song came on,” recalls one of the concert goers. This wasn’t because the patrons were bothering anyone, which is generally the reason for enforcement in Oakland when patrons light up at a concert venue. It’s just that nobody knows what it’s like behind Roger Daltrey’s blue eyes. The 68-year old rock god told the crowd at the beginning of the show that smoke makes him “tear up.”

“The band plays no part in directing any personnel,” The Who’s publicist told SF Weekly, “but does make the request that the [no smoking] policy be enforced.”

The couple recommends bringing a vaporizer or just drinking your ass off. But that might turn ugly. “I’d much rather have a house full of stoners than drunks,” says one SF club manager. “Pot smokers don’t start fights.”

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