Kellogg’s: Whoops, your box of Special K may be filled with broken glass

The good news: Special K is totally free of horse meat. The bad news: it’s totally full of broken glass.

Kellogg’s is voluntarily recalling 11.2-ounce and 37-ounce packages of Special K with Red Raspberries, as well the as 22.4-ounce twin packs, due to the danger of consumers chewing mouthfuls of broken glass. And it’s not even Halloween.

“We have initiated a voluntary recall of three sizes of Kellogg’s Special K Red Berries cereal packages due to the possible presence of glass fragments,” the company said in a statement on its site. “Please check any packages you have in your home. If your package matches the information below, do not eat the food and contact us for a replacement coupon.”

Looks like you can now switch back to Cookie Crisp guilt-free.

Kellogg’s said no mouth-shredding injuries have been reported as of yet and “appropriate actions will be taken to help prevent this situation from happening in the future.”