Here’s a Sweded ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ from 1991

More than 20 years before George Lucas abdicated to the Magic Kingdom for a continuation of the Star Wars saga, fan boys Jamie Hunter and Ryan Sims cast their impressive action figure collection in a backyard fan film of their own.

Don’t worry about straining your noggin over the plot or character development of the 32-minute Star Wars: Episode VII: The Quest for Peace. Save the fact that the Empire’s new leader, The Dark Destroyer, is curiously played by Hordak from She-Ra: Princess of Power, it’s an awfully predictable example of masturbatory home movie experimentation (as is most masturbatory practices). Although, at 18:50, an off-screen character raises a couple interesting questions concerning Star Wars linguistics: When addressing his Corellian gambling buddy, how come Lando used the long “a” when pronouncing “Han” as in “lamb”? (Everyone called him “Han” as in “pawn.”) Also, the action figure continues, why did everyone else follow suit with the long “a” for the remainder of the trilogy?

Who knows if that’s actually true; maybe it was part of Lando’s outer space jive. Is that racist? I’ll leave it to the SW hardcores to discuss in the comments. I’m going outside to play now.

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