Banksy arrested in London on vandalism charges, identity revealed [UPDATES]

Paul William Horner, 39, of Bristol, England, was arrested in London late last night.

Police arrested Horner, better known as Banksy, with a group of 4 other men at around 2am after they had just painted a new piece. Police then followed them back to what is believed to be one of Banksy’s art studios, where they made the arrest. A spokesperson for the London Police made the following statement:

“Horner is currently being held without bail on charges of vandalism, conspiracy, racketeering and counterfeiting. We are also holding the other four individuals whose names we are not releasing at this time.”

UPDATE 6: Here is a cached version of the original hoax on PRLog.

UPDATE 5: The story appears to have been a massive troll.

UPDATE 4: The PRlog story seems to stem from this BBC article detailing the February 8 arrest of a man believed to be Banksy.

UPDATE 3: Anonymous tweeted the story:

UPDATE 2: Doing some sleuthing… the PR Log info might be totally fake.

UPDATE: The source, PR Log, has been removed.

Either the site is down, or we (and many others) have been epically trolled.

Source: London Police press release