Kanye West is upset with Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z for making bad music

Kanye West delivered one of his famous rants at a show in London over the weekend. This one was especially long, clocking in over 10 minutes. It was set to music—or a guitar riff at least—that Kanye went in and out of song over. Sort of like a gospel preacher.

While the most headline-grabbing part of the rant found him trashing Justin Timberlake’s new song with Jay-Z “Suit & Tie,” (“I got love for Hov, but I aint fucking with that ‘Suit & Tie'”), the more interesting part was the 10 minutes he spent railing against business and corporate interests and ostensibly attacking them for tarnishing the unbridled creativity of art.

He started the rant saying, “Creativity fuels everything. I hate business people. People get at me and say, ‘What kind of business can it do? What type of business are you doing? What’s the numbers?”

Of course, Kanye has always been a fan of conspicuous consumption, and his predilection only got more pronounced when he began dating Kim Kardashian. Last month the couple bought a $9 million mansion in Beverly Hills and listed it again within days—they flipped it last week for a million more than they bought it for. Not bad for a couple weeks’ work.

So, you know, Kanye might hate money—but not that much. As to whether “Suit & Tie” is any good, I’ll leave you guys to argue that one out in the comments. Watch Kanye’s rant below.

[Source: Consequence of Sound]