Watch Matt & Kim’s video for ‘It’s Alright’

Brooklyn duo Matt & Kim need no introduction. The couple has been releasing in-your-face pop tunes for the last decade. Their music is undeniably party music at its best in that it is impossible to not want to get up and dance when one of their tunes comes on. You heard me. Impossible.

“It’s Alright” is the latest single off of their 2012 hit album “Lightning.” In typical Matt & Kim fashion the video does not take itself too seriously. Like their music, Matt & Kim’s (almost) childish take on fun is always refreshing. In the video you have the duo performing a dance routine in their bed while wearing underwear.

We here at Death & Taxes hope that the couple actually get out of bed like this every day. Either way, check out the video below and pick up “Lightning” if you have not done so already.