Little Boots premieres new single ‘Motorway’

Sassy pop strumpet (sorry, all I have here is a book of words from the late 1960s) Little Boots has returned with a traveltastic new single, entitled “Motorway”. How good is it? Well, the kids are saying it has a beat – and that they can dance to it. Sock it to me! (throws away book of old references)

Think Rihanna but with a slightly fuller voice and a British accent and you’re about 3/4 of the way there. It might not be the song of the summer, or the winter, really, but it’s a damn economical pop song if there ever was one – skirting in and out in four minutes – a perfect club jam. You can download it for absolutely free on her website, too, if you’re into that whole “good free music” thing.