No One’s Gonna Love Cee-Lo’s Cover Video

No One's Gonna Love Cee-Lo's Cover VideoIn homage to arguably Band of Horses’ greatest song, “No One’s Gonna Love You,” the Gnarls Barkley tenor Cee-Lo has gone and electro-fied the acoustic track for people who like it when that happens.

The product is even more lethargic than the original—which was already a slumber land favorite—and gives you the feeling of bearing through a drawn-out yawn onboard the Millenium Falcon in hyperspace. If that isn’t enough to get you all jazzed up for an experience, the video for the cover has landed online, and it’s the most dispiriting montage of canned American romance ever brought about by any medium ever and forever and ever.

Before you race down to the play button, just know ahead of time that a) there are beautiful, naked people, and b) that your teenage illusions of adventure and lust will come tumbling down, hard. Yes, on this trans-American road trip there will be frontal, as well as the usual crowd pleasers: a bottle rocket, junky leather jackets and a desperate love affair. It’s a spewing mess of the self-aggrandizing Polaroids your friends stick to the refrigerator nonchalantly, and you don’t even find them remotely interesting or natural.

Okay, now you’re ready!