Andrew Dice Clay has a podcast ‘in the works’

After jaw-dropping memes such as Goatse and Cakefarts hit the reset button on what we collectively define as shock value, comic material once regarded as taboo can be revisited with fresh eyes and ears. Maybe now a bit like how to end a relationship holds some sort of Bukowski quality. Maybe not.

So, if children of the Internet Age truly embrace irony, they shouldn’t wince at the prospect of Andrew Clay Silverstein Andrew Dice Clay’s launching his own podcast series. I’m not sure why I feel the need to come to his defense when the 55-year old already owned up to his has-been caricature on “Entourage” and, a better example, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, because you kids love that show. So perhaps there’s nothing shameful over getting excited about the Diceman’s tweet Wednesday afternoon, a vulgarian’s wet dream. “What do you guys think of me doing a podcast?” Diceman asked his 46,000 followers. “Let’s just say it’s in the works.”


I reached out to Dice’s publicist who had no comment over said tweet. Which means that maybe the turkey isn’t quite cooked yet, and we’ve a long way before subscribing to weekly Dice therapy sessions on iTunes. But, hey, take it easy. The man’s been busy tuckin’ in your mother with nursery rhymes AOW!