Prince smashed someone else’s 1961 Epiphone on ‘Fallon’

Prince absolutely killed it on “Jimmy Fallon” Friday night, playing his new tune “Screwdriver” and the classic “Bambi.”

After Unleashing a blistering solo on Bambi he did a guitar virtuoso’s version of dropping the mic before walking off stage, throwing his guitar up into the air and letting it crash to the ground. Just one problem: the axe wasn’t his. The Gear Page points out the guitar was a gorgeous 1961 Epiphone Crestwood that belongs to Captian Kirk Douglas of Fallon’s house band The Roots. Apparently when Prince arrived for rehearsal he admired the guitar and asked to borrow it for the performance. Douglas agreed, and then Prince wrecked it at the end of “Bambi.” Douglas tweeted out this picture with the caption “Purple Pain”:


And then tweeted:

The worst part? Douglas apparently asked Prince to sign it for him, and Prince said no. Watch the performance below.

[H/T: Aram Bajakian]