Hey Dennis Rodman, even China thinks North Korea sucks

Dennis Rodman continues his bizarre love fest for North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un—he can’t seem to stop talking about what “an awesome guy” Kim is, and Salon reports he was kicked out of a hotel in New York for waiving around his autographed manifesto and refusing to shut up about how great Kim is for three hours.

Meanwhile China, North Korea’s closest (only?) ally signed on to a new sanction resolution against the country along with the U.S. on Tuesday. The new sanctions are meant to punish North Korea for its recent rogue nuclear tests. China and the U.S. said they would circulate the new draft of the resolution to the U.N. Security Council. Rodman’s new BFF Kim Jong-Un has threatened to end his country’s 60 year-old ceasefire with South Korea over new sanctions and recent U.S. military drills with South Korea.

The U.S. and Japan have been negotiating a draft of the sanction resolution with China, perhaps Kim Jong-Un’s only U.N. buddy, for the last three weeks. Tuesday’s announcement sets the stage for the most draconian measures yet to be imposed on Pyongyang.

The New York Times writes, “There has been speculation that a new resolution will strengthen existing sanctions related to North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs, toughen financial restrictions and cargo inspections, and add additional companies and individuals to the sanctions list.” The U.N. Security Council labeled North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile tests last month a “grave violation” of U.N. protocol.

So, yeah, even China kinda thinks North Korea sucks now. But Dennis Rodman and Vice are both convinced he’s a totally rad dude.