Death of a meme: Mitch McConnell’s campaign puts out Harlem Shake video

Reports on the death and resurrection of the Harlem Shake have been rather constant lo this past month or so, but this? This has to be it. Just call in the coroner already. I am almost positive that there is a rule somewhere that says if a Republican Senator does it, it can never possibly be hip again.

Particularly if that Senator is Mitch McConnell. The video is filmed by college students who probably do not get invited to any of the cool parties on campus. I imagine it is fair to say that Ashley Judd has more cultural relevance in her left boob than every Young Republican in the state of Kentucky.

Naturally, there are cameos from Uncle Sam, Abraham Lincoln, and, um, noted feminist icon Rosie the Riveter! Which was slightly surprising, given that McConnell does not exactly have the world’s best record on women’s issues. He repeatedly voted down Equal Pay, the Violence Against Women Act, and basically any women’s health initiatives he has ever, ever come across.

I suppose his campaign interpreted the “We Can Do It!” slogan as “We can work for less pay than a man, get punched in the face by him, and also be overcharged by insurers for our mammograms! Hooray! What a fantastic time that will be!”.