Macklemore ‘Thrift Shop’ just went quadruple platinum

One of 2012’s most divisive voices in music and by far its greatest success story, Macklemore, just went quadruple platinum with his single “Thrift Shop.”

Macklemore’s brand of hip-hop has been accused of being everything from douchey to culturally insensitive to straight-up racist. But when confronted with his runaway viral success most of probably react to Macklemore like an American Psy, in that we just scratch our heads and ask, “Really? That guy?”

However mysterious Macklemore’s cultural import and influence remains, one thing is crystal clear: The guy is rich. Dude just sold 4 million downloads of a single he owns outright—there’s no label taking his cash. Looks like he can finally afford to stop shopping at the thrift shop.