RxGibbs drops lush new single ‘Macro’

RxGibbs, aka Ron Gibbs, dropped his latest single “Macro” and it’s worthy of some serious attention. Texturally, RxGibbs created a piece of lush gorgeousness, featuring some synth work worthy of electronic music titans Orbital (and The Orb). “Macro” has the sort of simultaneously epic veneer and depth that the Brothers Hartnoll have so adeptly rendered throughout their career.

Gibbs hails from Michigan, which of course is gave birth to Detroit-based Techno artists like The Belville Three (Kevin Saunderson, Juan Atkins and Derrick May), Richie Hawtin and the famed Metroplex label. But there’s no direct Detroit Techno influence on “Macros,” which mesmerizes, suggesting a multi-hued fractalized daydream instead of machine-like repetition.

Check out RxGibb’s “Futures” EP over at Cascine and pre-order “The Contact” LP here, due out April 2 on Cascine. It will feature guest appearances by Jason Kolb of Billow Observatory, Magnus Wahlström of Boat Club, and members of the band Auburn Lull, with which Ron plays guitar and bass.

The Contact LP can be pre-ordered at iTunes.

Stream “Macro” below.