Dad hacks Donkey Kong to give his 3 year-old daughter a female hero

YouTuber Mike Mika just earned himself a best-dad-ever mug.

As Mika explains on his video description, he and his 3 year-old daughter play a lot of old video games. She played as Princess Toadstool in “Super Mario Bros. 2″ and, when they went back to play the original “Donkey Kong”, she wanted to play as the girl and save Mario — instead of the other way around. When Mika told his daughter the game didn’t have that option and was only built for Mario to save the girl, “she seemed really bummed out by that.”

“So what else am I supposed to do?” he writes. “Now I’m up at midnight hacking the ROM, replacing Mario with Pauline.” Naturally—just rewrite the game so his daughter can have a female hero.

Having a few friends with kids, I understand it can be exhausting. That Mika found time to re-program a NES game for his 3 year-old is stupefying. Kudos, Mike. Even better, he made the code available for the rest of you awesome nerd parents to download. Grab it here and watch the video of Donkey Kong with a heroine below.