Howard Stern: ‘I can’t legally talk about’ the move to late night

After a one-week vacation, “The Howard Stern Show” returned to SiriusXM Radio airwaves Monday to discuss the latest in Stern’s entertainment-media peripherals — namely the addition of a new fourth judge who joined his NBC reality series “America’s Got Talent”, why Twitter is bullshit and last week’s New York Post gossip about NBC supposedly “grooming” the King of All Media to replace Jimmy Fallon on “Late Night” in 2014.

Actually Stern’s comment this morning sounded closer to a non-response about the Post’s story based on “a source who knows him well.” Which, in an ass-backwards way, makes one wonder more about how much of this rumor is reality-based.

With the network in talks about transitioning Jay Leno into retirement and Fallon in the “Tonight Show” seat, the hosting gig for “Late Night” is up in the air. Post TV critic Linda Stasi speculated Stern’s 2012 move to “America’s Got Talent” was a way for NBC to let its viewers warm up to the man before offering him the 12:35am ET time slot. Personally, I call bullshit. Then again, he isn’t denying the rumor.

“I can’t legally talk about the Jimmy Fallon story,” Stern told his news anchor Robin Quivers and superfan Maryann From Brooklyn about 40 minutes into Monday’s show. “I like that they actually think somebody at NBC is bright enough to actually mastermind me going on [“America’s Got Talent”], becoming acceptable to an audience … I’m hardly acceptable.”

To prove his unacceptability, Stern then played a clip of staff writers Richard Christy and Sal Governale hitting the streets of New York City and asking women if they’d rather go out with their boss or Oscar Pistorius. The answers vary, and are all worth listening to (as is Stern’s “Late Night” comment) here: