Har Mar Superstar returns with the song of his career

Har Mar Superstar was a crooner from Minneapolis who had a career in the early 2000s, as, essentially, a funny answer to the question “What would Justin Timberlake be like if he looked like Ron Jeremy?”. That’s the thing about Har Mar’s earlier career: he was marred by what some perceived as irony. He’d sing (incredibly, might I add) while stripping down to his underwear, a la Marvin Gaye. Many people seemed to take it as a gimmick. For anyone who knows Har Mar, it’s anything but. He’s one of the most down-to-earth artists I’ve ever met and has the voice of a fucking dirty angel. Even in his earlier career when he embraced the gimmick of being a hedgehog with a voice of gold, his voice transcended whatever aesthetic filter he would apply. His voice is emotive and soulful when used in the right context… such as this.

“Lady You Shot Me” were Sam Cooke’s last words and Har Mar uses that phrase as both the song title and the refrain: “Lady You Shot Me” evokes Sam Cooke and Motown spectacularly. Think Cee Lo Green’s “Fuck You” with a funkier production and you’re 75% there. This is Har Mar’s best song to date and you’d be wise to hip up now.