$4 million worth of pot washed up on the beach in California

In case anyone is wondering how the drug trafficking business is doing these days, it’s doing just fine, apparently. How fine? Four million dollars of pot just washed up on the beach in California. That’s about 2,000 pounds of marijuana—literally a ton of pot.

From the MSNBC report, it sounds like this kind of thing happens pretty much all the time. The pot was found in the bushes after a 30-foot “panga boat” washed up on the shore in Santa Barbara at Arroyo Camada Beach, near Refugio State Beach. According to MSNBC, 20 such boats have landed in the past two years along the Santa Barbara coastline. That’s almost one per month in Santa Barbara alone. And, really, there have to be easier places along the coast to smuggle drugs in than Santa Barbara.

If you listen carefully, you can hear all that pot trying to tell us something. It’s trying to tell us that… Americans like pot. And we’ll keep buying it whether it’s legal or not.

Now if one of our border states would get around to legalizing and growing its own pot already, we could do an experiment and see if the number of panga boats or weed cannons would decrease. Then again, where’s the fun in that?

[Image via MSNBC]