My favorite part from Gilbert Gottfried’s ‘Celebrity Wife Swap’

This is hardly breaking news since we’re talking about a television event that aired several days ago (not to mention plugged in a New York Times feature) but, if you’re a fan of Gilbert Gottfried, then you know his tedious brand of humor is forever. Also, I’m trying to bring joy to his fans who don’t have “Celebrity Wife Swap” on their DVRs.

Hell, I don’t have “Celebrity Wife Swap” on DVR either — why would I? — which might explain the reason for recording my favorite part below on an iPad while watching it on ABC’s website. Janky, right? Who cares. Here’s the setup: On last week’s episode, Gottfried was shacked up with Tonya, the third wife of actor Alan Thicke. Most of you probably know Thicke as the dad from “Growing Pains”. None of you remember him as the host of the late night talk show “Thicke of the Night”. It was cancelled after one season.

Just wait until you hear its theme song, written and performed by Thicke himself. Well, first check out Gottfried mocking it with force:

Now here’s the original:

You should watch the entire episode of Gilbert Gottfried and Alan Thicke’s “Celebrity Wife Swap” here.