Michele Bachmann runs away from CNN

CNN correspondent Dana Bash hauled serious tail in the hallways at CPAC to question the validity of Michele Bachmanns’s accusatory speech on Tuesday. The Minnesota congresswoman erroneously cited President Obama for “frivolous spending” at the executive mansion that includes having “five chefs on Air Force One” and “two projectionists” 24/7 in case the Obama family wants to catch a midnight screening of, say, “Humanoids from the Deep” (even though it’s totally on YouTube).

According to Anderson Cooper, Bachmann’s drummed-up accusations came from a Republican lobbyist’s self-published book that has no sources to back up its claims. The CNN anchor directed his viewers to a Washington Post story that, unlike Bachmann’s sound bite, lists academic studies showing that George W. Bush’s White House expenses in the fiscal year 2008 were higher than President Obama’s. Instead of answering the reporter’s perfectly legitimate questions, Bachmann kept her walking-and-talking point connected to the one thing on which the GOP loves to hang its wide brim hat: Bengazi.

“She was moving so fast,” Bash told Cooper, “I have to tell you it tested my endurance.” You gotta hand it to Bachmann: She’s damn good at this stuff. Watch the segment below.