Google Glass will control household appliances, make hands irrelevant

Most of the debate about Google Glass revolves around some form of the question, “Will people really wear these things out in public?”

By the looks of a new patent filed by the company, Google intends for the futuristic augmented reality googles to be worn in the privacy of your own home as well.

Under a patent application titled “Wearable Computer with Superimposed Controls and Instructions Device” published Thursday by the Patent and Trademark Office, the search engine giant outlines plans for the Google Glass wearer to be able to control household appliances without the use of one’s hands. Everything from garage door openers to coffee makers to the lights could be tech-enabled to be controlled through Google Glass’s interface.

Upon pulling up your driveway, Google Glass (which you have of course been wearing out in public) will sense your garage door opener and issue some kind of hands-free prompt to open. “In response to identifying the garage door and determining that it is in a closed state, the wearable computing device may display a virtual control interface that is superimposed over the garage door,” the application says. It would then prompt the garage door to close once you’re inside the house.

The same “virtual control interface” would be used to set the temperature of your fridge, dim the lights, presumably change your TV channels, and basically do anything that you might use your hands for in the crudely un-futuristic present reality of 2013.

Below is one of the diagrams from the patent application: