Are new viral video stars Winny Puhh the band you’ve been looking for?

Winny Puhh have been around for a while in their native Estonia – since 1993 – but American audiences haven’t exactly warmed up to their interesting brand of hardcore, punk, ridiculous costumes, and the singer’s incredibly high voice. That was until, however, this video of the band performing their song “Meiecundimees üks Korsakov läks eile Lätti” on Eesti Laul 2013 – a national televised talent show in Estonia – went viral. It’s fairly easy for the first-time listener/viewer to see why:

It turns out that Winny Puhh – which translates to “Winnie Pooh”, duh – are a pretty established band in Estonia.

They certainly have no problem switching styles. In their song “Vanamutt” from a few years back, they try an (almost) normal sounding bro-rock sound. Shockingly, it works, as the listener is too busy getting over vocalist Indrek Vaheoja’s mental-patient screaming. It isn’t without its charms, however.

Who knows: perhaps you’re looking for a hardcore Estonian punk band with a penchant for extremely graphic music videos (NSFW) and incredibly odd lyrics (take a look at the top comments). The fact is that Winny Puhh’s onstage antics at Laul have paid off – big time.

Check out an earlier video here. You’ll notice the theatrics aren’t as big as the Laul performance